Wedding Exit Ideas For the Modern Bride

Wedding Exit Ideas for the Modern Bride to Be

FyerFly Productions as a whole wants to ensure that all clients receive a personalized experience. Because of that, we meet with each one of our clients to ensure that their events have just as much “Pop” and “Flair” as they do. Which seems to be the reason our clients have grown to love about the way we produce events. Sure, there are other vendors included in this process as well, but we want to ensure our client’s are loving their event all the way to the last song…

When having our final planning meeting with our clients, there are quite a few questions that arise that are not music or lights specific… and we as a team, we welcome them with open arms.

One question that we receive more times than you think is …

”Do you have any cool ideas for an exit? I want something that is fun, modern, and looks cool in pictures… have you seen anything recently?”

LOVE this question… This gives myself and our staff a chance to help pull more creativity out of our client, and really stretch their minds when designing their event.

For instance, usual suggestions from vendors will be Sparklers, Bubbles, and even handheld Streamers. BUT… how about these cool ideas… Let’s try multi colored Glow-sticks for that night-time exit.

Wedding Exit Ideas

Or, let’s try a Snow flurry exit that can really provide some fun for your photographer, as well as your guests! (We are based in Florida, So this is always cool.)

Wedding Exit Ideas

No…? Seen it before? Us too…

Now, let’s really stretch the imagination… Confetti Exit’s are our new favorite!

If you’re a “Color Lover”, how about we flood your exit space with black-light and shoot off multi-colored, biodegradable, confetti… and watch your photographer and guests go wild with excitement.

Wedding Exit Ideas

No? A little much on the color…?

You say you’re a natural tones gal?

No Problem… Lets do blush/white/tan confetti and let your Natural light photographer capture the beautifulness with their flash.

Okay fine… Maybe Confetti is too much for your venue to worry about… here are some other cool creative exit options.

Pick your favorite song, and have your brides maid’s create poster sized signs with the lyrics of that song and hand them to your guests to hold as you run out of the venue…Kind of like fan’s at a baseball game… just classy, and music related (we are all about the music after all).

Anything unique seems to be “in”  for exit’s right now, so our last suggestion, is one that we secretly hope begins to catch on. CO2 blasts are inexpensive and so much fun! Creating a sky full of white cooling mist for your epic celebration…and some REALLY cool pictures.

co2 wedding exitphoto by christinajanel

Just stretching the mind folks…. Have some fun with YOUR wedding… Make sure your day represents who YOU are…

Thanks for tuning in!

-DJ FyerFly


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