WHEN do I book my wedding DJ?

WHEN do I book my wedding DJ?

A note from a professional event DJ to the new consumer…

Whether you may be an eager bride, an involved groom, a corporate party planner, or even the unknowing mom of a soon to be “Sweet16” year old daughter… Understand that there are a few things you should be selecting right off the bat when planning an event.

I won’t be naive and suggest that DJ’s are number one… However, they are not far from the top of that list.

In our professional FyerFly opinion, you should secure your venue for your event date without a doubt. Reason for it being number one on the list is because you can’t really book any other vendors without at least a solid idea of where the event will be held.

Really, simultaneously, you need to decide whether or not a planner is best suited for your event needs… and be sure to make a decision quickly if you will be having a planner stand by your side through out the planning process. (on a side note we HIGHLY recommend a planner for any event)

Next step…quickly decide on your photography and/or video service as capturing the day is usually just as important as enjoying the experience.

The purpose for such a quick timeline, is so that you can ensure the AVAILABILITY of your vendors, for the date you are looking to hold your event.

Next in line… should be your entertainment for the evening.

Whether you are looking to entertain your guests with Magicians, or a 6 piece band, or for the sake of the note… you’d like to hire a professional DJ for your event… please understand that these performance based services are typically in high demand. Depending upon the market you live in, or especially if they have been referred to you, please know that those companies are booking anywhere from 6-12 months in advance.

So, PLEASE act fast when selecting the services that are most important to you and your event, you never know when someone will book them first!

Thanks for listening…

-DJ FyerFlyWHEN do I book my wedding DJ

WHEN do I book my event DJ

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